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CALHK Reviews
The best tools for learning Chinese in 

Welcome to the CALHK REVIEW!

Here you can find feedback from students and parents on a range of learning tools. Think of it as a  CantoAdvisor for Cantonese... the Michelin Guide for Mandarin!

At CALHK, we have decades of experience learning Chinese. We've witnessed good, bad, boring, and downright frustrating methodology and materials on the market.

Our 5 star rating system is based around these simple questions:

1.          Are the materials engaging and easy to use?

2.          Will it help me speak, understand, read and write the language?

3.          Are the characters (traditional or simplified) taught in a way that is easy to understand?

4.          Is romanisation provided (jyutping for Cantonese and pinyin for Mandarin)? 

5.          Is target vocabulary and grammar clearly explained in plain English?

We are inviting YOU to join us in writing reviews. In this way, we can grow our CALHK family and support even more learners by sharing good resources and highlighting those materials to avoid.


To contribute a review, please get in touch at

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