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The term Chinese as an Additional Language (CAL) is not widely used

in Hong Kong.


But we want to change that!

Usually people talk about non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students.


Even children who speak Chinese really well are still called ‘NCS’ students.


This is why we don’t like the term ‘NCS student’. It’s not accurate as it does not describe the full range of attainment levels of students learning Chinese.


We prefer to use the more inclusive

Chinese as an Additional Language (CAL).


This term encompasses a full range of attainment levels, from children

with no prior knowledge of Chinese through to students who have achieved

near native level language proficiency, but still need

some support to operate well in a fully native speaking environment.

CAL nods at the better understood discipline of

English as an Additional Language (EAL),

for which a wide range of resources and support tools are available.

So wherever you, or your child, stand on the CAL spectrum we hope

we can provide Encouragement, Practical Support and

a Positive Learning Experience.


Browse our website for CAL support for you –

and the CALHK Kids!

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