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Multilingual Chinese Character Copy Sheets

Learn to write Chinese characters with CALHK's multilingual printable Chinese character copy sheets. 

These sheets contain all the information you need to learn 50 foundational Chinese characters. 

Pronunciation is shown with Cantonese Jyutping and Mandarin Pinyin romanisation. 

Definitions are shown in English, Urdu, Hindi, Bahasa and Nepali. 

Stroke order is shown at the top of each worksheet. 

Click on each set and then click to print individual characters. 

Use the Quizlet flashcards to test yourself and for more repetition. 

(The characters in Sets 1 to 5 are the same in simplified and traditional forms.)

Set 1.png
CALHK Chinese Worksheets-87.png
Set 3-88.jpg
FINAL Set 4-89.jpg
FINAL Set 5-90.jpg
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