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Talking Words

Let’s read Chinese Books!

Talking Words is a school & community-based reading project which empowers children from non-Chinese speaking families to read Chinese books.

By providing audio & glossary support to a series of Chinese storybooks, Talking Words reduces the obstacles presented by written Chinese, increases students' interest in reading Chinese storybooks and helps children feel more confident about reading in Chinese. 

We have a two-pronged approach:


  • At School / Community Centre


We bring our wonderful storytellers into your school to hold Chinese storytelling sessions. 

Our storytellers are from ethnic minority groups; they speak and read Chinese fluently and are great role models for young ethnic minority students.

Our storytellers read Chinese storybooks to the students and engage them in language learning activities. 


  • At Home


Your students can borrow Chinese storybooks + audio pen from our collection of adapted Chinese storybooks.

Your students can read these Chinese books at home.   

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 8.33.40 PM.png

Talking Words uses Chinese storybooks published in Hong Kong

We have added audio to the books, so children can read the words – and hear the story read to them -at the same time.   The audio is accessed via audio pen. 


The stories can be heard in both spoken Cantonese and standard written Chinese. 


A glossary helps with any tricky vocabulary.


Students can borrow the books + pen for 2 weeks and ‘read’  Chinese books at home.

** Talking Words was piloted at Pat Heung Central Primary School.

Chinese Program Flyer (to download)

Talking Words Flyer

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