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Preparing For Local Primary School?

Will your child be attending local primary school in September?  Are you a non-Chinese speaking family? Or a heritage Chinese learner, who can speak Chinese but is not fully literate? 


Local schools offer an educational experience that is quite different to that provided by international schools.  You may face some challenges in terms of supporting your child’s Chinese learning and you will be dealing with a very different set of expectations about educational and behavioural norms.

The CALHK team have all put our children through the local system and we would like to share with you the benefit of experiences, so that you make the most of your child’s time at primary school.  We hope these articles provide some useful tips, tools and strategies to help you navigate the Chinese language and the Hong Kong school system.

If we’ve missed anything – let us know!

How the Chinese language works


4:30 pm

How to learn Chinese characters


10:00 am

Managing School Life


11:30 am

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