CALHK attends the International Symposium on Teaching Cantonese as a Second Language at CUHK.

We were excited to attend this interesting selection of talks by distinguished academics which was organised by linguists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

One of the speakers, Professor Robert S. Bauer, was encouraging of our belief that a standard form of romanisation is much needed to teach students from non-Chinese speaking families.

“Jyutping is the best system of Cantonese romanisation. Jyutping is simple, convenient and accurate” – says Professor Robert S. Bauer, Honorary Professor in the Department of Linguistics at The University of Hong Kong.

Professor Bauer was speaking at the International Symposium on Teaching Cantonese as a Second Language. He is a fluent Cantonese speaker and all-round fabulous linguist.

Come on Hong Kong! Please use Jyutping in schools to support children from non-Chinese speaking family backgrounds. They cannot learn Chinese effectively without romanisation.

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