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HK Baptist University: Making ethnic minorities visible

Interview with Professor John Erni Fung Hon Chu.

"After years of calling for improvements to the Chinese language policies for ethnic minorities, the Education Bureau implemented the Chinese Language Curriculum Second Language Learning Framework in 2014 to address public concerns. Developed from the perspective of second language learners, this Learning Framework aims at facilitating non-Chinese students' learning of the Chinese language and enabling them to bridge over to mainstream Chinese language classes. Several years have since passed but it remains to be seen whether it will lead to obvious improvements.

"Basically, the Government only provides additional funding to individual schools and tells them to implement the Learning Framework by developing their own curriculum. Without clear guidelines and references, the outcomes are inconsistent. In Hong Kong, experienced teachers who are able to teach ethnic minority students the Chinese language competently are not easy to find, not to mention the difficulty a school faces in rolling out a full curriculum."

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