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Hong Kong Unison publishes a comparative study on second language education policies overseas

Hong Kong Unison releases a comparative study on language education policies which support second language learners from K1 to P3.

The report analyses early childhood language education policies in Ontario Canada, Finland and Germany. It shows each of these places has:

  • legislation in place to ensure children can fully engage in society in their respective national languages and to assist individuals overcome and eliminate discrimination in education.

  • policies and procedures in place for the development and implementation of support programmes for second language learners in early childhood.

Hong Kong Unison makes several policy recommendations, including:

The Education Bureau to define objectives and competence levels on Chinese language learning in kindergarten and primary education so that all stakeholders can make objective judgments about the quality of teaching, adjust or optimize the curriculum and support measures, and refine performance benchmarks.

Read the full report and executive summary here:

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