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Routledge Press: Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: The Way of the Learner

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

By Jane Orton and Andrew Scrimgeour

Chapter 1 of this book is available online.

ISBN: 978-1-351-20687-7 (ebk)

So much to like:

  • The authors pinpoint why so many students of Chinese as a second language feel discouraged to the point of giving up.

  • How the socio cultural and educational beliefs and practices of teachers raised in the Chinese educational system are at odds with the western framework of educational norms.

  • Most of the great resources for Chinese learning are aimed at self-motivated young adults at University. Not much has trickled down into the realm of primary and secondary.

  • Many resources are created by native Chinese speakers; these resources may resemble ESL resources they used as a student, but are not in line with the needs of CSL students.

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