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MingPao | Kulsoom's Dad insisted she learn Chinese. Now she is studying Nursing at HKU.

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

(Photo by 黃炒謙)

Kulsoom was born and bred in Hong Kong. She went to a 'designated' primary school but her Dad was adamant she should go to a mainstream secondary school so that she could achieve higher levels of proficiency in Chinese.

The summer before she started secondary she worked very hard to learn more Chinese.

She got an A in A Level Chinese. HKU viewed this is as equivalent to HKDSE 5** and she was able to gain a place at the HKU's school of nursing.

Kulsoom knows that an inability to communicate in either English or Chinese means some of her family members, and others in her community, have difficulty accessing medical care. She hopes to use her language skills to act as a bridge between hospitals and member of the ethnic minority communities in Hong Kong.

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