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CALHK Resources: Multi-lingual Chinese Character copysheets

CALHK has created 50 multi-lingual printable Chinese character copysheets to help you kickstart Chinese writing skills.

Character definitions are shown in English, Nepali, Hindi, Urdu and Bahasa Indonesian.

Pronunciation is shown with Mandarin and Cantonese romanisation.

The correct stroke order is shown in red. It's very important children use the correct stroke order when they start writing Chinese characters. Correct stroke order helps us understand the different components that form a character and it also helps us get the writing into our muscle memory. If students can get the hang of stroke order from the early days, future Chinese learning will be much easier.

We've also added the characters from each set onto Quizlet flashcards. Flashcards can be used for self-testing, to see if you remember how to recognise and write each character. Flashcards also provide the repetition we need to get Chinese characters embedded into our long term memory.

We have created an initial 5 sets of 10 characters. These characters are among the foundational Chinese characters, which form the building blocks of the writing system. These 50 characters are the same in traditional and simplified form, so whether you are learning Chinese in Mandarin or Cantonese... simplified or traditional... Get writing!

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