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SCMP | Online learning pushes children from ethnic minority families down the learning curve

Article by Emma Russell

Another article which reports how the suspension of face to face classes has a negative impact on children from ethnic minority families.

"Another issue for the Nepali children is that they have not been immersed in Cantonese, as they would otherwise have been, with their classmates. At government-funded schools such as theirs, there are often after-school classes for students who need help with Cantonese and English, but those have been halted during the pandemic. “This is the golden period to pick up a second language,” says Pete Cheng Juk-hei, a campaign officer at Hong Kong Unison, a non-governmental organisation that advocates for ethnic minority groups in Hong Kong. “It will make it even harder to get into a good school or get a better job in the future. It is easier for Chinese parents, they have a solid knowledge of the subjects and they can help.”"

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