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SCMP | Online lessons may cause children from non-Chinese speaking households to fall behind.

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Article by Chan Ho-him

Some highlights:

Restrictions on schools during the pandemic have also affected children from ethnic minority groups, particularly those struggling to learn Chinese, according to concern groups and non-governmental organisations.

Hong Kong Unison said parents had noticed that their children’s Chinese language proficiency deteriorated during the prolonged suspension of classes.

This was especially so for children in kindergarten and the early primary school years.

HK Unison checked with 300 families from ethnic minority communities between mid-March and April last year: found that some children were unable to complete their homework particularly for Chinese language and other subjects taught in Chinese.

Unison project manager Payal Biswas is worried that the learning gap will widen between students from ethnic minority groups who are struggling with the Chinese language and Chinese students immersed in a Chinese-speaking environment at home.

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