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Stand News | Hong Kong Unison: Lack of teacher training for Chinese as a Second Language teachers.

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

On the eve of the Hong Kong Chief Executive’s Policy Address: Hong Kong Unison laments the lack of teacher training for teachers of Chinese as a second language.

Each year, Hong Kong Unison gives out scholarships for students who perform well in Chinese. During the selection process, students often emphasize the role that good teaching plays in their success.

Yet, Hong Kong currently does not provide adequate and systematic teacher training for the teaching Chinese as a Second Language.

Hong Kong Unison asks why, after so many years, is there still a shortage of experienced CSL teachers?

The teacher training system is not working well. Teaching Chinese as a second language is very different to teaching Chinese as a mother tongue. Currently, the Chinese Second Language Curriculum is unsuitable and teacher training is inadequate.

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