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The Chief Executive's 2020 Policy Address

Supplement: Chapter 8. Caring Society.

Page 129


Continue to provide NCS students with the support for Chinese language learning, including the provision of teacher professional development programmes, school-based professional support services and learning and teaching resources, with a view to facilitating the implementation of the Chinese Language Curriculum Second Language Learning Framework; and providing different language learning opportunities for NCS students to boost their confidence in learning Chinese. We will also explore how to gauge their progress in learning Chinese language through longitudinal studies, and provide feedbacks to schools to further enhance support services. (EDB)

Strengthen(ed) education for NCS parents and helped them understand the importance of enrolling their children as early as possible in kindergartens using Chinese as the medium of instruction, enhance their communication with schools, and make suitable arrangements to cater for their children’s daily learning. Provide a series of parent education programmes for parents of NCS students starting from the 2020/21 school year to help them support their children’s learning, encourage their children to master Chinese language, and gain better understanding of the multiple pathways available to their children. (EDB)

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