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CALHK Submission: HKSARG Policy Address Consulation 2020

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Policy Recommendations: A Summary:

1. EDB to cease using the term ‘NCS students’, unless the child truly has no prior knowledge of Chinese. EDB may consider using ‘linguistic minorities’ or ‘CAL students’, or seek help from academics to find more accurate and respectful terminology.

2. EDB to distinguish between the needs of CAL students in CMI schools and those in EMI schools on all issues concerning the education of CAL students, including the creation of textbooks and support materials.

3. EDB to advocate the use of Jyutping as a standard form of romanisation and ensure materials for use with CAL students are supported by romanisation.

4. EDB to have a designated department and officer to serve the needs of CAL students.

5. New Assessments models to be developed to assess the needs of CAL students and ensure their progress.

Full Document here:

CALHK 2020 Policy Address Submission
Download PDF • 139KB

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