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EdUHK | EdUHK Forum on Inclusive and Equitable Education for All in Hong Kong Briefing paper #3

  • Page 5: Phyllis Cheung says schools should take into account the fact that parents cannot help with their child’s homework, as they don't understand the instructions in Cantonese.

  • Concerns over the current framework include too much of a focus upon language skills for exams, including reading and writing in Cantonese. Ben Bernandez and Kunal Narwani both believed that schools in Hong Kong placed less focus upon speaking and the importance of practicing in the student’s social world.

  • Dr Dani Wang said many students had reported learning Cantonese was very difficult and akin to learning two languages, particularly in how the oral form and written form varied. She argued that practice of Cantonese was essential.

  • Page 7: Contextualising learning. Instead of enforcing the idea of memorization, teachers should bring out what can be used in real life, particularly in language learning in Hong Kong.

  • Page 8: Teach relevant vocabulary & encourage more Chinese language practice in the social world.

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