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HK Policy Research Institute | Study for Chinese proficiency of the non-language subjects textbooks

Education Policy Research Centre, Hong Kong Policy Research Institute: The study for Chinese language proficiency of the non-language subjects textbooks used in primary and secondary schools

  • Students scored an average of below 30 out of 100 for Chinese reading and writing for non-language subjects. Respondents of Upper Primary levels correctly answered 23-27% of questions, approximately scored 25 out of 100, when tested on vocabularies and passages relating to Mathematics, general knowledge, Physical Education, Musical and Visual Arts (those non-language subjects).

  • Tested on terms relating to Chinese, English and their corresponding meanings in those non-language subjects, respondents correctly answered 20-24%, achieved scores of 22 out of 100.

  • Lower Secondary students scored 30 out of 100 on the non-language test. Overall, students did not understand about 3 out of 10 words in the text provided (32%).

  • Over 60% of non-Chinese speaking students reported that they could not effectively cope with non-language subjects.

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