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HKSARG | 2016 Population By-census

Published by HKSARG Census and Statistics Department.

Interesting statistics concerning the various populations in HK, including stats on Chinese language proficiency.

p.50 Pakistanis were born in Hong Kong and of school ages, have a relatively high proportion being able to read/ write Chinese when compared to other ethnic groups.

p.53 The ability in reading/ writing Chinese varied significantly among different age groups of ethnic minorities. In general, younger ethnic minorities had a higher proportion of being able to read/ write Chinese. In 2016, 64.3% of ethnic minorities aged 5-14 were able to read Chinese.

When analysed by age group, ethnic minorities’ ability in writing Chinese was similar to that in reading the language.

Excluding foreign domestic helpers, the proportion of ethnic minorities being able to read/ write Chinese increased across all relevant age groups (i.e. aged 15 and above).

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