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HKSARG | Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide: Joyful Learning Through Play... (2017)

Prepared by the Curriculum Development Council

p.37: EDB promotes the early integration of NCS children.

p.81-83: Non Chinese speaking or newly arrived children:

p.111 to 117 (Appendix 5) Chinese Learning for Non-Chinese Speaking Children

  • Before entering kindergartens, NCS have little or no opportunity for Chinese exposure,

  • When NCS children first start schooling, they go through a longer “silent stage”

  • NCS children might not be aware of the characteristic of “one syllable per character” in Chinese, nor might they grasp the concept of having different tones bringing different meanings,

  • Some NCS children see Chinese characters as pictures. They imitate and copy, and memorise one character at a time, while not understanding the stroke order

  • School might be the main or only place where NCS children are exposed to Chinese.

p82: Early integration of NCS students

p86: Catering for diversity does not equal segregation

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