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HKSARG | Press ReleasesLCQ13: Chinese language education for non-Chinese speaking students

HKSARG is committed to facilitating adaptation to the local education system & mastery of the Chinese language.

From 2014/15 school year all schools admitting 10+ NCS students get $800,000 TO $1,500,000 per year. Schools with less than 10 students can get $50,000. Funding model:

Number of NCS students     Additional funding ($ million)

10 –25                               0.80

26 –50                               0.95

51 –75                               1.10

76 –90                               1.25

91 or more                        1.50

The Learning Framework gives expected learning outcomes for NCS students at different learning stages. Teachers can reference this and set their own progressive learning targets.

Learning effectiveness can be enhanced through 'small step' learning approach with a view to enabling NCS students to bridge over to mainstream classes.

EDB launched the Professional Enhancement Grant Scheme for Chinese Teachers in 2014 to encourage Chinese teachers to get NCS student teacher training.

EDB has provided second language learning packages to schools and diversified school-based professional support services.

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