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Hong Kong Unison | Submission to Policy Address Consultation 2019 on Equal Rights and Education

Under the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Policy, EDB should require kindergartens which received NCS grants make reporting transparent to safeguard the accountability of the funding and the effectiveness of the new policy. EDB should closely monitor kindergartens’ compliance with the Guidelines on Kindergarten Admission Arrangements in order to ensure fair admissions and quality teaching and learning of ethnic minority children.

The Government should make pre-service professional development mandatory for kindergarten teachers to develop their skills and ability to cater to the diverse needs of NCS children.

Concerns raised about transparency and effectiveness of the support and funding of the “Chinese Language Curriculum Second Language Learning Framework” (“CSL Framework”)

To date, the Chinese proficiency of many locally born and raised ethnic minority students remains at mainstream primary two level after twelve years of formal education in Hong Kong. Some ethnic minority students lament that the Chinese taught in secondary was easier than what they learnt in primary.

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