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Oxfam Hong Kong | Study on the Challenges Faced by Mainstream Schools in Educating Ethnic Minorities

Research report written by: Dr. Loh Ka Yee Elizabeth (The University of Hong Kong) Dr. Hung On Ying (The University of Hong Kong)

The most comprehensive report to date describing the challenges faced by NCS students and their teachers.

The report includes:


  • Number of NCS students in mainstream HK schools is on the rise

  • NCS students continue to lag behind Chinese students academically

  • Teacher training inadequate & too theoretical

  • Lack of mainstream curriculum-based Chinese language support

  • Teaching NCS students is a burden for teachers who have spend a lot of time creating support materials

  • NCS students pulled out of Mandarin classes for extra Cantonese lessons - missing out on Mandarin

  • Teachers find it difficult to communicate with parents of NCS students

  • 95% of the interviewed principals agreed that there is a lack of teaching materials that are targeting students with Chinese as a second language and corresponding to the mainstream curriculum at the same time.

Read Full Report here:

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